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Dr. Renee Hornbuckle -     Pastor * Speaker * Life Coach * Author * Crisis Coach

Renee Hornbuckle is one of the premiere voices that God is raising up to help others discover that God is truly the source of strength for life. Having overcome many challenges and trials that would have taken most out, Renee displays a passion and fire for God that says God is absolutely in control. Her testimony and life-changing messages delivered with grace, dignity and strength, in her own unusual style will point you to how to live a life of victory by applying God’s Word. She believes that God’s Word is the sustaining source that when applied empowers anyone to live a powerful life full of hope and purpose! She is a walking representation of the WORD at work and she makes it her business to equip others to lead a life of power! Her heart is to empower lives, heal hearts, and win souls for the Kingdom!

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