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Dr. Renee Hornbuckle -     Pastor * Speaker * Life Coach * Author * Crisis Coach

LIFE EmPOWERment Institute

Your LIFE Direction: 
Find Your Way – Change Your World 
Reach Your Greatest Potential
Dr. Renee Hornbuckle
 LIFE Strategist, Thought Leader, CRISIS Coach and LIFE Advisor
Dr. Renee is a woman of influence, a gifted motivational speaker and a life designer. As a life coach and advisor she excites and motivates those that she comes into contact with to live a more fulfilled life!  Having overcome many challenges and trials that would have taken most out, Renee displays a passion and fire to teach others how to overcome crisis.  Her testimony and life-changing methods used to guide and provide direction will point you to how to live a life of victory! She believes that God’s Word is the sustaining source that when applied empowers anyone to live a powerful life full of hope and purpose!  She is a walking representation of the WORD at work and she makes it her business to equip others to lead a life of power!  Her heart is to empower lives, heal hearts and push you to reach your potential!
Renee understands the demands and pressures of the 21 Century life.  Consequently, she challenges and inspires people everywhere to maximize their potential and realize their God-appointed destiny.  Renee motivates average people to become extraordinary people of distinction and worth.  That’s why the launching of The LIFE INSTITUTE is so key as Dr. Renee’s passion is to help others LIVE the full LIFE that there are entitled to!  Become a client today!  Don’t wait – you LIFE is waiting on you! Find your LIFE Direction: Find Your Way – Change Your World – Reach Your Greatest Potential!

At The LIFE Institute some of the guidance you will receive include areas such as:
Crisis TrackLIFE Track
Learn How To Overcome Crisis
Your INTENTIONAL Personal Development
Learn To Put Your Life Back Together Again
Find Direction for Your LIFE
Power and Purpose From The Crisis
Warning Signs To AVERT Crisis
The Healing Zone
Find Where You Belong!
Purpose & Power
Passion & Purpose
Goal Setting
Mindset Makeover
ReInvent Your Life
What are the benefits of coaching and mentoring?
Mentoring has benefits for mentees, mentors:

Have a safe place to share
Gain insight into yourself and the people you interact with
Develop and Improve skills you already have
Learn new skills, knowledge and perspectives
Get unbiased, confidential support
Gain fresh perspectives on your issues
Get advice, suggestions and options
Get Motivation

so that you can start living your BEST LIFE NOW?

2018 Fall Classes Starting Soon....

Kingdompreneur Boot Camp
(4 Sessions: TBD)
Investment: $299.00

LEI 6-8 Sessions
Learn to Tap into your BEST SELF and MAXIMIZE Your Potential
(4 Sessions: 10a—4 pm)
TBD Investment: $499.00

I Want To Write—Where do I start?
(TBD, 9am—4pm) $99.00

Book Publishing Seminar (Hosted by Jabez Book Publishers)
(TBD, 9am—4pm) $99.00

Personal Development RETREAT
[It is preferred that you stay onsite to fully benefit from this 3-Day weekend]

Dates:  TBD
$1499 Private Room [Call for 2 or more in room]

Single, Saved and Satisfied
Learn from Qualified Successful Singles Living Empowered Lives

Women In Ministry Development Training
w/Dr. Renee

Note:  Dates may change based on Dr. Renee Schedule